Global Power Platform Bootcamp


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Organize Bootcamp

Interested in organizing a Global Power Platform Bootcamp in your city? That's awesome! Read about how it works, how we will help, and what you have to arrange!

It's just like any other meetup event!

To get started, submit a request on this site and register your event Location.

For registering:

  • Find a location where you can host the bootcamp.
  • Create a Registration page on Eventbrite or Meetup etc.
  • If needed, arrange some event sponsors
  • Arrange speakers and/or workshop proctors, you can do call for speakers using Sessionize.
  • Use our content or create your own based on call for speakers

Event Organizer Requirements


Your event requires a publicly available registration page, this can be done using meetup, eventbrite or other similar portal. The event must be open to all people that subscribe, on a first come, first serve basis. The event must be free of charge.


You agree to arrange a location. you can contact local Microsoft office to see if you can use the space for the event. Many organizers get help from their employer for this.


You agree to organize a call for speakers for the event, for call for speakers you can use sessionize. you may also use the workshop content and material shared on Github

The theme of the event is Power platform and the content should be focussed or related to Powerplatform. Content for the conference could be on or related to any of the below topics:

  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI
  • Power Virtual Agents
  • Power Apps Portals
  • Common Data Service
  • Common Data Models
  • AI Builder
  • Data Connectors


The event must include a lunch and free coffee/tea. Normally, organizers arrange sponsors for that.

Promotion & Sponsors

To make this day awesome it is the best to find some sponsors so you can provide a full lunch or dinner, drinks, swag and maybe even an after party! 

Promote your event at the right channels so you get in the right people.